Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Service Ltd.

Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. started as a Sole Proprietorship in 1994, and due to business growth became incorporated in 2002.  The business is operated by Jannet and her daughter Corinne and consists of a group of dedicated and experienced bookkeeping professionals.

In 1993, Jannet was working for a private business when she decided to start her own bookkeeping business so she could set her own hours.  Jannet felt there was a real demand to provide a bookkeeping service for businesses that were either too busy taking care of business to do their own bookkeeping, had no bookkeeping experience; or didn't want to hire, supervise, or train staff and then have to worry about what to do when the staff went on holidays or quit without notice.

The name Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. was chosen because the bookkeeping is not an on-site service.  You do not need to provide an office or equipment.  Invisible Secretary &  Bookkeeping Ltd. is a home-based business, with the head office west of Stony Plain, and a second office in North Edmonton.  Since ISBS does not have the overhead costs of an office, we pass those savings onto you.

Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. is in some cases truly "invisible".  We have long term clients that engaged our services over the phone, and we have never met.  We also have clients that have moved their business to other provinces and still continue to use our services.  We have clients on both East and West coasts of  Canada.  Many clients send their information by Email, Fax, Priority Post or Express Mail.  We also use courier services or can provide personal pickup.

Clients vary from and all aspects of busniesses; hairdressers, day-homes, plumbers, electricians, Truck Drivers, Construction, Landscaping, Churches, Bottle Depots, Education Failities and other Professional Offices.

Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. has received numerous compliments and referrals from several Accountants stating that they are impressed with the bookkeeping service and year end package they receive.  Accountants have commented that they value the professional service Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. provides and appreciate the year end letter we provide outlining important information for their attention.  When you team up with Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping you are ensuring CRA compliance.  Allow us the opportunity to reduce your stress and allow your business to grow by freeing up your time with Invisible Secretary & Bookkeeping Ltd. providing your company with accurate bookkeeping.

We look forward to providing you with Confidential, Professional and Affordable Bookkeeping.  Please contact us today to book your complimentary appointment.